Release Infos
Tag : 0.13.0 Released : 1 Lat(s) ago


  • Optimizations
  • Update dependencies
  • Solo characters are stored on user's computer


  • New dynamic weather by @avcio9 ( see at the end of the patch notes )
  • Day/night cycles by @avcio9
  • Add /hax placement ( not working properly for now )
  • New database schema/sys
  • Add /hax globalHeartAttack ( all zombies will dies )


  • Added vehicle seat-swapping for all vehicles with multiple seats
  • Added '/hax weapon' command
  • Fixed some bugs related to /hax spawnSimpleNpc, spawnVehicle, spamAtv
  • Fixed an issue with /hax weapon 1911

Dynamic weather v2:

Time cycle has been enabled with dynamic weather features connected to it One day lasts approx 20min, one year - about 5 real time days; You can check current game time using /serverinfo command

Fog: It will no longer be stuck at autumn/winter. There is a chance that its going to appear late evening and stay until morning. Now it covers just lower parts of the map, so you can enjoy some nice views :stuck_out_tongue:

Rain: If there are no clouds - they will slowly accumulate before rain starts and start disappearing when its finished. Chance for rain appearing differs by current season.

Overall: For each day there is a weather choosen, sunny/cloudy etc - with varying range of random weather values, so each is going to look atleast a little different. Days and nights get shorter/longer depending on period of time Each season now has different weather sets, so example autumn is going to be alot darker and more wet :stuck_out_tongue: